About Jaime

The journey to founding inFirst began on a soccer field. Captain of her college team at Bryant University, Jaime relished the unique challenges and rewards of leadership. Through managing her teammates, their personalities, their goals, and their lives off the pitch, a theme began to emerge: the strongest teams were made from strong players.

Wanting to discover what makes people succeed or fail in life and business led her to a masters in industrial and organizational psychology from Fairfield University. Jaime found she could practically apply her ongoing study of positive psychology to businesses in any industry with a particular focus on sales teams. Devoting thirteen years to building a multi-million dollar business in a new market at Gartner, Jaime moved to Microsoft next to help lead their largest sales transformation in the history of the company.

“My mission is to lift others, to inspire the people I work with to confidently stand in their strength and find purpose and meaning in their lives. Every CEO, Leader and Individual contributor - regardless of their career ambition must learn to sell.  To sell is to lead and it starts with a commitment to lifting yourself and moving the people around you. If you have 200 people in your organization, you have 200 sellers and non-sales sellers.  Every person plays a part in a company's success.  I coach the fundamentals of leadership, mindset, communication and team, skills required to achieve success in sales, business and life.”

As her experiences grew, Jaime noticed a familiar pattern. Organizations double down on technology and process and leave the development of their people behind. Similar to athletic teams, the strongest, soundest businesses had a strong employee base. When business leaders invest in their people they see dramatic changes in mindset and performance, and for that, coaching is needed.

Jaime has dedicated her career to working with leaders and advising hundreds of organizations on how to lift their internal culture and successfully take both people and revenue to the next level. Using the philosophies of a sports coach, Jaime shows you how to tap into your inner athlete to turn average sales performers into infinite players helping your company achieve greatness.