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Jaime is passionate about empowering others. She excels at leading individuals and teams to ultimately drive the most impactful business outcomes and solutions for clients. Her impact with clients, peers, and friends has created a community – a following – that is built on the foundation of her authenticity.

Jamie Buck, Sales Director, VMware

This world needs more Jaime Diglio's. 5 minutes into the first time we met I knew that she was different. Confident, creative, bright, boundless energy, infectious enthusiasm and a giving heart are just a few of the things that describe Jaime. I am inspired every time I talk to "Digs" and I look forward to each conversation. Anyone looking to figure out how to reinvigorate and re-engage their sales teams should hire Jaime. Her track record at Gartner and Microsoft was amazing and now she is sharing those secrets with sales leaders throughout the US. I could go on and on but if you would like to know more from my perspective about this amazing women please contact me.

CEO at SomethingNew LLC

Jaime is a great leader and inspiration to me. She has helped me to craft key messages to build strong cooperation, coordination and mobilization within my team. She has challenged me to expand on my vision as a leader and for my career. She has enabled me to take bold new steps in realizing my dreams and creating real joy from being an offer of help to others.

Angelia Ewing, Client Management, Commerce Bank

Having worked at Gartner for 15 years partnering with Sales Leadership around the globe, Jaime always comes to mind as one of the best. Jaime's results as a consistent top performing sales leader are a true testament to her coaching and leadership abilities. Jaime inspires and motivates teams by focusing on each members individual strengths and purpose along with fostering shared success and collaboration. Jaime is a tremendous asset and will always shine.

Stephanie Donnelly , CIO Strategic Relationship Advocate at Gartner

Jaime introduces me to many CXOs and experts in the Alternative Asset Management business that is very beneficial to me and the companies I worked for. I am fortunate to have Jaime as a business partner.

CIO, undisclosed Hedge Fund

Jaime is a self motivated, well organized and detail oriented sales professional. Jaime is a top performer who year over year exceeds her sales goals, however her greatest strengths are in the relationships that she builds both internally and with her clients.

Scott Walters, SVP, Booze Allen Hamilton

Jaime is an exceptional and poised leader. She consistently puts her team into the best positions to succeed through her ability to guide and encourage provocative thinking. She invests time creating and cultivating relationships with colleagues and clients. Jaime exemplifies the growth mindset, and challenges conventional thinking by asking questions of clients and colleagues in ways that are thought-provoking and collaborative.

Jon Feinstein, Sales Director, Salesforce

Jaime is truly a unique leader. She was an example to all other Sales leaders on how best to partner cross-functionally. I had the privilege to learn by watching, and now mirroring, how to be a strong leader. #1 - Her passion is contagious - for the customer, for her staff, for what an organization stands for and delivers. #2 - She is fueled by doing the right thing, always. #3 - Working hard and having fun can go hand in hand - Jaime proved this each and every day.

Deirdre Walsh, Marketing Leader, PerkinElmer, Inc.

Jaime is an inspirational leader! I had the pleasure of working with Jamie for 3.5 years at Gartner and watched her lead her team to victory year after year. Not only did she have the utmost respect from her direct reports and peers but she had earned it from the rest of Gartner as well. What impresses me most about Jaime is her entrepreneurial spirit and her well defined focus on improving sales organizations.

Dawn Cortese, Sales Leader, AVI-SPL

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